Apricot Management – our history

Elisabeth & Tomas Insulander
Elisabet and Tomas Insulander, founded Apricot Management in 1997. Since then we have trained and coached thousands of managers and coworkers both in Sweden and internationally. Our job is not only a job, it’s our biggest interest, our passion. It’s about making a difference. Helping our clients to a better life and better business. That requires broad competence and experience, a constant result oriented mind-set, special touch and satisfied customers.

Since the start in 1997, we have continuously developed our offering to meet our clients’ needs to be able to help them in the best possible way. Our core business is still about working with strategy, corporate vision, innovation, people management and group dynamics. In every assignment we experience the vast efforts in these areas have on our clients’ results. Our clients’ success has become our success.

Today, Tomas Insulander runs Apricot Management as a network together with senior partners. Our partners have a focus on Lean/agile management and how to change the ways of working to achieve visions and strategies. Meaning that we can support and help our clients with an even broader portfolio of knowledge and experiences.


We collaborate with the following companies:
Ander & Lindström AB | www.fyrarummaren.se
Assessio AB | www.assessio.se
Capacent AB | www.capacent.se
mPeira AB | www.mpeira.se
Richard Barret Inc. | www.valuescenter.com

About Tomas Insulander

Before founding Apricot Management in 1997, I have 17 years of business experience in roles such as Engineer, Project Manager, Head of Research and Development, Key Account Manager, Marketer, CEO, Group CEO, Board Member and Chairman of the Board. From 1997 and onwards, I have 19 years of experience as an international management consultant and external assignments as Chairman of the Board. Want to know more about my experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

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