Our Clients

Those who can really judge our programs are our clients. Here you will find a complete list of the organisations we have worked with over the years:

Complete List of Clients

You can also read what some of our clients think about us and our work.

Assa Abloy
DHL Solutions Nordic Region
Ericsson R&D
Ericsson Zambia
Ruag Space
Tieto R&D Services

Assa Abloy

”We are very happy with the work of Apricot Management. We were able to build a new corporate culture from the beginning, and with Apricot’s “mental toolbox” as a foundation, we can now discuss things we previously couldn’t deal with. Thanks to that, we have a much better working environment.

Assa Abloy

Furthermore, we have gained an understanding of the process of group-dynamics and of the individual’s norms and behaviour. This has resulted in higher motivation and a willingness to support one another. Our workplace is very male-oriented, and to be very ‘laddish’ is something that we have no control over.

When we hired a new, senior co-worker he said the following:

Our experience shows that new co-workers adapt easily to the good corporate culture we now have. This, in turn, contributes both to easier recruitment and retention of co-workers.

The project was set up such that Apricot Management supported us over an extended period of time, with planned programs throughout. The positive way in which Elisabet and Tomas share their personal experiences and the fact that the individual has so much space greatly contributed to the high level of commitment in the group.”

Eric Michélsen, Director Interconnectivity Platforms, Assa Abloy AB


“The employees were very appreciative about the work program and many of them thought they had gotten a “toolbox” to work with on the power of thought, stress management and creativity. Carrying out the program in workshops with a great deal of discussion was also appreciated.


The management group gave careful consideration to the results of the culture value measurement and this resulted in continued work in the entire section. We decided to implement change and introduced a project where a section, selected four important words in the brand’s value and defined what they meant. An implementation group has been set up to keep change work active. The purpose is to develop the company climate in the section to make it a better workplace.

The Administration carried out an employee enquiry in September, which they do roughly every other year. The measurement gives an overall “change index” – a measurement of how good the organisation is feeling. Among the key factors are employee strength, work environment, management ability and management objectives. The total change index was found to be very high in our department.

We in the management group believe that the work program we carried out with Apricot Management has had a strong and positive influence on our development.”

Fredrik Åhlander, Section Manager, Trafikverket

DHL Solutions Nordic Region

”I participated in the stress management course in my previous job and thought it was really good. That was why I wanted to hire the same people to train my Northern Europe management team in stress management.

I think this is an important management issue. The program is sustainable over the long run and provides a good base to stand on. Which is why I would highly recommend the course to all companies that seek long-term success.


The program has many advantages. We have gained insight into how easily one builds stress levels that are too high and above all, we have learned a method to bring down those levels. Thanks to that we feel better and perform better! The program and the subsequent follow-ups have also stimulated good and lasting habits.

The training has also worked well as a team-building activity. Elisabet and Tomas have been clear and open. They gave their best but also stood back and allowed the participants to come forward. It has created an environment where the participants have opened up and been able to discuss highly personal issues. Despite our considerable cultural differences, we have developed a greater trust in each other and today we reach out and understand each other better.”

Allan Lavén, Nordic region manager, DHL Solutions

Ericsson R&D

”The educational packages have had a very positive influence. Not only for the teams who have been through the program but also for others in the organisation. Our workplace behaviour has become more productive, we listen more and we bounce around new, creative ideas before drawing conclusions. Quite simply, we have become more effective and better people.


Soft skills and values are usually not engineers’ strongest qualities. They always have to know how things work and Elisabet and Tomas took that into consideration.

Before you can change your habits, you need to first understand how humans and the brain work. You have to start from there to have any chance, and only when you can change yourself do you have a better chance to lead others.

Progress stands still if we don’t dare go beyond our limits. We need to stimulate creativity within the organisation, but you have to start with yourself. With this package, Elisabet and Tomas have opened our eyes and we will continue to enlighted people in our organization and give more people a chance to experience the positive, energetic and great feeling that my team and I have experienced and continue to experience every day.”

Markku Tapanainen, Manager R&D, Ericsson AB

Ericsson Zambia

”The team from Apricot Management guided us through a process that made it possible for us to understand the differences and similarities in our values. They also gave us tools to solve problems in our everyday work. This has made us more effective and focused on our task and business goals.


Each employee realised the power in managing his/her thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a more appropriate way. We also learned about each other’s ambitions and weaknesses, which made it possible for us to cooperate better. We became more awarene of how, for example, a customer’s or a colleague’s values may affect interaction in the workplace and we came to an understanding that it’s necessary to take greater consideration to that in order to achieve the company’s business goals. One of the values we chose, “Customer Collaboration”, is a complement to the company’s global values and shows how we as a local company want to work together with our customer and take on the customer’s business challenges together. Motivation increased among all the company’s employees because of the insight we gained in the program.”

David Lindblom, General Manager, Ericsson Zambia

Ruag Space

”The goal of our leadership program was to overcome the differences that existed in the perception of leadership between managers and project leaders, as well as to create better dialogues and foster better understanding of each others priorities.

Ruag Aerospace

Elisabet and Tomas have in a knowledgeable and inspiring way succeeded in making us become closer as a group. The combination of inspiring lectures, rewarding group assignments, personal contracts and clear feedback, has significantly increased the cooperation between different departments. During the program, they have used several different approaches without losing the common thread. Their willingness to share their personal experiences have given great credibility to their message.

Today, we have a vision of the ideal leadership that we want to achieve. We have also taken a big step towards implementing that vision and we have created a solid foundation to advance even further.”

Lars Aronsson, Human Resources Manager, RUAG Space AB

Tieto R&D Services

”We are very happy with the result, which clearly exceeded our expectations. Tomas and Elisabet’s own experiential platform, combined with a simple program and message, captured everyone’s interest. We gained knowledge that was applicable right away and has resulted in a better functioning organisation.


Everyone has actually implemented changes in their work methods, which has reduced stress levels and increased their ability to get to the important tasks. The results still remains after a year, which is worth noting. It has, in turn, led to our increased workplace satisfaction and higher growth in our business.”

Staffan Barrefors, Business Area Manager, Tieto

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