We help our clients, big and small, to create a clear and engaging vision, define the right strategy, apply Lean/agile ways of working and develop a corporate culture that supports the change.

We also train and coach managers and coworkers in personal development and people management. Sometimes that means efforts in group dynamics, coaching leadership, team building, corporate culture and how to live a brand. Other times it’s about stress management, values, creativity and the power of thoughts.

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By working with vision, strategy and ways of working, but also with the people in your organization, we create the right environment to make sure change becomes reality in practice. It doesn’t end up as nicely formulated strategies that sound good at a meeting with the board of directors. Because it’s first when change becomes reality that we can create more productive organizations, better life and better business.

We divide our services into the following categories:
Talks and lectures

Broad Competence and Tailored Solutions

Our senior consultants have a broad competence, mixing existing theory with an average of 30 years of practical, professional experience.

We are certified for several licensed tools such as SAFe*, AgilityHealth, Scrum.Org, DSDM Consorium, Barrett Values Centre – Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT), Myer Briggs, The Four Rooms of Change, NLP, and Registered Coach according to the standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

What we bring into the solution varies with each client. Together we tailor the best solution to achieve your business goals.

*SAFe® and Scaled Agile Framework® are registered trademarks of Scaled Agile, Inc.

Firmly Anchored In Reality

Off course it is important to have knowledge about theories and models. But to be credible and achieve sustainable results, we have to put theory into practice. All the licensed tools and methods we have in our toolbox, we have used ourselves in practice. And our clients can attest to the success and effectiveness of these tools, so we know that they really work.

We try to openly and honestly share our experiences to simplify the process of turning theory into practice and gradually form new, positive routines and behaviors in order to reach our common goals.

Same People Throughout The Whole Process

When choosing consultants as partners for working with visions, strategy, ways of working, values, thoughts and behavior, it is important to feel confidence in the people that are going to do the job. The chemistry must be right so that you understand and trust each other.

If you choose to work with us, you’ll be in contact with the same people throughout the whole process. Meaning that the people you meet in the first meeting before an assignment are the same people that will work with you later on. No information gets lost on the way, no one promises anything they can’t deliver on. Quite simply, what you see is what you get.

What challenges are you facing?

This challenge is as common as it is complex. We face it in almost all our projects. You as a manager can’t create committed coworkers yourself. But with the right management style and a coaching approach, you can create the best environment for your coworkers to grow and improve.

The solution often comes from getting the managers to work with the vision, purpose and overall objectives and delegate the rest to coworkers in autonomous, agile teams. In order for these teams to be as productive as possible, it is also the managers’ responsibility to clear out obstacles and questions that the teams come across.

Managers should also work to get the coworkers to understand and accept the organization’s purpose and objectives. When this truly happens coworkers will be more committed and motivated to improve both individual and team performance. And when everyone is working in the same direction, people will understand each other better and profitability will increase.

But to create committed and productive coworkers is sometimes easier said than done. There is not one answer, because it includes many different aspects. We usually work with values, visions, purpose, objectives, leadership styles, ways of working, stress management, thoughts and behavior. We also partner with other companies that are specialized in agile processes. Together we make sure that the managers’ and coworkers’ values, thoughts and behaviors are in line with the goals and purpose of the organization. This will create more productive organizations, happier coworkers and better profitability. Or quite simply, better life and better business.

To live a brand is to get all coworkers, especially those facing clients, to act and behave in a way that is coherent and consistent with the brand’s identity and values. This means that all coworkers, even in times of crisis, must remember, understand and act according to the values that are should be identified with the brand. Organizations that are successful in accomplishing this find it easier to acquire new clients, whilst retaining and developing relations with their existing ones. As a result they win more as well as more profitable business.

Sounds easy right? Well, not quite. Obviously there are many pitfalls. For example, there can be many different interpretations of what the values are or what they mean. The values and purpose of the brand might have been decided solely by top management and might not be accepted or understood by the coworkers.

It might also be that the practical everyday behavior among managers and coworkers are incoherent with the values and directives of the brand, once specified on the organizations webpage or in the annual report. This often becomes clear in moments of crisis, stress or pressure.

So what do you do about it? A good start is to measure how coworkers, management and customers perceive the current brand and corporate culture and how they would like it to be going forward. From the result, coworkers and management should collaborate to develop new brand and corporate values with clear, practical commitments to create a better everyday working life.

The next step is to make sure that the new brand values and the coherent corporate culture is implemented in a successful and efficient way. We offer tailored solutions that often include leadership and team building along with other measures, workshops and coaching. It is about getting the coworkers to “walk the talk”. To get them to do what they say, even in moments of stress and crisis. Only then, can the company fully live the brand they communicate.

Most companies want to earn more money. But if a company focuses too much on maximizing profit, they risk earning less money in the long run. In today’s business world with quarterly financial control, short-term measures to promote prices and the fear of earning too little easily create a negative downward spiral.
Extensive research has been done by Jim Collins (Good to Great, 2001) och Richard Barret (Building a Values-Driven Organization, 2006), who found that a company with sound values and long-term thinking earns more money, has a higher stock price and more satisfied co-workers and clients. When all the stakeholders in a company are content, the company achieves success.
We willingly help your company reach that point.